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Wholesale Tires offers a full selection of used tires, all quality-tested by our experts.

With us, you can buy affordably and with confidence.

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fpATVAll of our used tires are professionally pressure tested. For in-store purchases you get a 30 day warranty.

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Additional Dealer Information
The 14″ and 15″ tires will equal to a total of 40% of what is purchased. You may end up with more 14″ than 15″ or the other way around. 40% does not mean 20% 14″ and 20% 15″, the combination may vary. ALL TIRES ARE SOLD AS-IS. THERE IS NO WARRANTY AND NO RETURNS.

Purchaser acknowledges that this invoice reflects the purchase of used tire(s) and that the seller is not aware of the disposition or intended use once it leaves the site of the sale.

No 200 series will be in the batch of sold used tires.

If you choose to pick up tires on-site and need to make a second trip in picking them up, the full balance will be required before leaving with first shipment.